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El Paso, Texas, Tuesday Night
such a dork
"Have I mentioned how much I like that dress?" Jaime asked with a grin as he held the door open for Momoko. Because he did. Not that he didn't like Momoko in lots of things, but some dresses just... really worked for her.

"Also, I hope this place is good. I mean, the reviews say it is, but I haven't been here before."

He took a moment to exchange a few words with the hostess about their reservation.

"But if they aren't the best Italian place you've been to this year, don't blame me, okay?"

Jaime and Momoko's apartment, San Antonio, Texas, Wednesday Night
know something you don't know
Tonight was the night. Not like the night when they'd suddenly realized that neither of them knew if there were any condoms in the apartment. And not like the night that Jaime remembered he had an exam in the morning. And not like the time the Horrors of Ig'nix had breached the dimensional barrier just north of Houston. Also not like the time that Oracle had kept Momoko running around east Asia and she'd gone for a 'nap' that meant she slept through dinner, and the rest of the night, too.

No. Tonight was the night, and it was going to be different this time!

Momoko held up their phones as she wandered into the kitchen. She totally didn’t want a repeat of the last time. “Both are on silent. Are you sure it’s okay for Khaji’da to listen in on my Compact as well as your phone? It won’t distract you or anything,right?”

“It better not,” Jaime growled teasingly as he set the dinner plates in the sink. “Not tonight.”

Momoko’s response included a sound of agreement that was mostly a cross between a snort and a chuckle. “Life or death and no other hero is available to answer.” Because while she too would have found it funny if it was happening to two other people... well, it wasn’t very funny.

Maybe this was why other people didn’t plan their first time?

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Momoko and Jaime's Apartment, San Antonio, Texas, Saturday Night
a bit distracted
Momoko had been fighting off the last of the flu throughout the week, and that had meant that she and Jaime had been sleeping separately for a while. Given that they'd done that for, well, a long time Jaime would have thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but he'd found he really missed her. Even if he did check in on her every so often to make sure she had water and tissues. And that the selection of flowers in the vase next to her bed had plenty of water.

This morning (like many mornings) she'd woken up and declared that she was all better, but this time Khaji'Da had actually agreed that her immune responses had returned to baseline. So he'd made waffles for breakfast, and then they'd gone out for a walk. It had been nice to just be outside, with the wind in their faces and no coughing or sniffling ruining things. A couple of errands later, a movie, and dinner, and suddenly it was late.

So now they were parked on the couch, Momoko half sprawled on Jaime, as they played Mario Kart. They'd been at it long enough that it wasn't clear who had started using the technique of "nudging" the other person with an elbow when they got too far ahead (Jaime would insist that it was Momoko who'd started the violence), but by now they were doing as much shoving and laughing as they were actual virtual driving.

"I'm on my final lap!" Jaime crowed with a grin as Momoko tried to shove his controller out of his hand.

Momoko and Jaime's Apartment, San Antonio, Texas, Tuesday Afternoon
a bit distracted
Jaime was glad that Momoko had actually let him bully her into resting all weekend, and now she was basically over the flu. A few lingering symptoms, but nothing super serious anymore. Which was a relief. He hated seeing her sick like that, especially when all he could do was fuss.

The doorbell rang, and Jaime frowned. They didn't get a lot of visitors, and definitely didn't get visitors on Tuesday afternoons.

"Hey," Jaime called from where he'd answered the front door. "Did you order something to be delivered via Portalocity? Because I totally just signed for a package! Looks like it's from Fandom?"

Last time he'd checked in on her, Momoko was up and doing something with her laptop, so hopefully she was still awake and he wasn't just yelling into thin air?

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Momoko and Jaime's Apartment, San Antonio, Texas, Early Sunday Evening
a bit distracted
Jaime had had a surprisingly busy weekend. Classes had gotten to the point where he had plenty of studying to do on the weekends, and then there'd been a late-night page from the Titans which had resulted in a trip to Singapore that he hadn't gotten back from until ten this morning. He'd managed to grab breakfast and study a bit, but he'd felt himself fading and just barely managed to make it to the couch before passing out.

Sometime during the hours he slept, Moshi had decided to curl up on his chest and join him in sleeping.

Moshi had been something of an adjustment as Jaime had never actually lived with a pet before Momoko moved in, but by this point the two of them had gotten used to each other, and Jaime didn't even stir from his nap as the cat settled down.

Hours later the two of them were still there on the couch, breathing almost synchronized as they continued to sleep away.

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Reyes House, El Paso, Texas, Thursday afternoon
lost in thought
Jaime had finished packing the U-haul in the afternoon, ahead of schedule, even. And he and Momoko had their last date in town before he moved to San Antonio. Which was why he was glad his mom was willing to hang out with Kuriko, and keep her entertained, while they were out. He felt kind of bad stealing Momoko from her sister, but not that bad.

"Thanks for this, mom," he said, sipping lemonade at the kitchen table. "Just remember, please, please, please don't let her spend any time with Milagro. I'm sure it'd be a disaster."

"Actually, honey," Bianca said with a shrug. "I just got paged. I'm going to have to go into work, and your father isn't home yet, so I'm afraid that Milagro's going to make sure that Kuriko stays entertained."

Jaime stared at his mother because he had to have misheard that. Right?

But she was grabbing her bag and heading toward the door...

Oh, crap. Maybe it wasn't too late to cancel his date? His last date in town with Momoko? At their favorite place?

Well... maybe it wouldn't end in disaster? Weirder things had happened, after all. Admittedly not much weirder, but it had happened!

And then Milagro bounced into the room smirking. "If you don't hurry up and get ready you're going to keep Momoko waiting when she gets here."

Definitely a disaster.

Jaime and Momoko's Room at the Arms Hotel, Saturday Morning
a bit distracted
Jaime felt himself waking up slowly, and slowly extended his arms in a sleepy stretch without opening his eyes. Maybe he could work that kink out of his elbow before the day got started. He was halfway through the careful movement when two things struck him.

First, this was not his bed. Two pillows instead of one, a slightly-too-soft mattress. Oh, and the sheets were too nice. Second? He was not alone in bed. It wasn't that that never happened, but this weekend his wife was on duty at the cave, so...

He turned his head slowly and opened his eyes. Momoko lay there with her back to him, breathing the slow, regular breaths of sleep. Jaime was pretty sure that she wasn't supposed to be there, but he wasn't complaining. In fact, he was reaching out to brush a thick strand of red hair away from her neck so that he could lean over there and gently nuzzle her bare skin.

Orla, Texas, Early Saturday Afternoon
a bit distracted
Dinah and Jaime had gotten up early, and Dinah had helped walk Jaime through an actual plan for investigation. Which was much better than his "plan" of going back out to Orla and "trying to find something helpful".

So they were back out in the desert, driving old, mostly abandoned roads. Jaime didn't have much to say, and Dinah seemed willing to let him think. So the silence drew out between them until they finally arrived. "There's Mrs. Wilson's car," Jaime said as he pulled in behind it and stopped the car. "I found her phone a couple of dozen feet away, just lying on the ground."

San Antonio, Texas, Saturday Evening
a bit distracted
"You know, now that I think about it," Jaime said, fingers laced through Momoko's as they walked down the unfamiliar streets, "coming to San Antonio to look at apartments was, like, a terribly unromantic thing to do for Valentine's Day..."

Even if they had seen some nice apartments, and some that might even be within Jaime's budget. If he got that scholarship, anyway.

He glanced over. "Do you think you'll ever forgive me for suggesting it?" Because he did need to see the city, and because he didn't have a lot of weekends free.

Juan's Cafe, El Paso, Texas, Saturday Morning
Jaime finished the last of his pancakes and leaned back in his chair with a sigh. "I've got to say, this place is pretty good."

He glanced down at his watch, and nodded to himself. He had another five or ten minutes to chat before he had to head down the street to the testing center for the DAT. When Momoko had first suggested that the two of them grab breakfast before the test, he'd been worried that it would be a distraction. Now that they'd done it, though, he was glad. He was a lot less stressed out than he'd been the night before, and this morning when he'd woken up. Somehow, spending time with her seemed to do that.

"And the coffee is pretty good, too." He grinned slightly. "Maybe you could get a job here," he teased.